CNG Retrofitting

Natural Gas powers more than 100,000 vehicles in the United States and roughly 11.2 million vehicles worldwide. The advantages of natural gas as an alternative fuel include its domestic availability, widespread distribution infrastructure, low cost compared with gasoline and diesel, and clean-burring qualities. more

Propane Retrofitting

Propane powers about 190,000 vehicles in the United States and more than 14 million worldwide. Propane Vehicles are a good choice for many fleet applications, including school buses, shuttle buses, taxis and light-duty tucks. The advantages of propane as an alternative fuel include its domestic availability, performance, safety and clean- burning qualities. more

Industry News

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About Clean Car Conversions

imageClean Car Conversions offers natural gas (CNG) and propane (autogas) conversions for most vehicles used by the public, businesses and organizations with small to large fleets. We have the technology to retrofit a vehicle to run as a dedicated or bifuel system for CNG or propane..

Located in central Indiana, Clean Car Conversions has the technology, infrastructure, experience and certifications to convert your vehicle or fleet to an alternative fuel. A public CNG filling station is located onsite for your convenience to fill your CNG vehicles.